Terms & Conditions

At Day Loan Express your security & privacy are of the utmost importance to us.

Terms of Use

All information provided throughout Day Loan Express is secured between the user and the website itself. The purpose of Day Loan Express is to provide the latest information on cash loan services for each specific user. When you proceed to use this website, you have indicated that you agree with the following:

  • • You have read and fully understood all of the terms and conditions that go with each particular offer.
  • • You understand all of the drawbacks and repercussions if terms are violated when applying for a cash loan from any lender
  • • You agree to give lenders all the information they need to adequately match you to the right type of loan.

As owners of Day Loan Express, we reserve the right to change any terms of use without notice. Once the changes are made, they instantly become active.

Who Is Eligible?

All of the services and products available on this site are open to people 18 years of age or older.

The Acceptance Policy

Every applicant is subject to a review process before being accepted or not. All final decisions are made by the individual lender company if the applicant fits their criteria.

Services And Products

Much like a dating website, Day Loan Express instead plays matchmaker for individuals looking for bad credit loan. While other services are also offered by the companies, customers mainly use the website to find the right fit for them to get a loan. Once you are linked to a partner site, the process is entirely between you and that particular business.


At Day Loan Express, people must meet the proper requirements before receiving quotes from different companies regarding bad credit loan. We hold the right to investigate and report any violations, suspicious activity or other possible terms of use violation. At the same time, Day Loan Express is not accountable for any person who is found guilty of doing something wrong once you are paired with an instant cash company.

The Details on Intellectual Property

All of the names, text, graphics, trademarks, titles, designs, software, images, video or anything else found on Day Loan Express are protected under intellectual property laws. This also goes for all of the third party partners used by Day Loan Express. Individuals can copy and use the information for their own, but none of the information should be used for other commercial purposes (unless the user wishes to contact Day Loan Express for special permission).

3rd Party Content

At DAY LOAN EXPRESS, users will see a lot of third party content in the forms of links, quotes and more. All of this content is solely the responsibility of that particular company. While Day Loan Express attempts to always provide users with the best lender options, the website has no control over the content that is provided on each individual website.

Country and State Laws

Cash loan limits and restrictions vary by state. That is why it is important for users to provide accurate information when attempting to receive a quote. Day Loan Express m only uses lenders that abide by state laws. Additional limits and restrictions can also be found for other countries, including Canada.


Once a person agrees to use the services provided for free on DAY LOAN EXPRESS, they must abide by these terms of use. Those who go against the terms of service are subject to not finding a proper cash loan lender, or get completely turned down by the numerous lenders. These terms currently are being used as the agreement between DAY LOAN EXPRESS, the user and the lending company that is ultimately used.